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IMM : Cologne 2022 - The World's Largest Furniture Exhibition

The IMM, held every January in Cologne, Germany, is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious furniture exhibition, and is also a notable twin of the world-famous Milano Salone.


It has been held for more than 70 years since 1949, more than 10 years before the Salone del Mobile in Italy. It is held every January in Cologne, Germany, and attracts about 1,300 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors. 


It is a showcase of creative and innovative design furniture and interior products. In recent years, “Living Interiors” and “Living Kitchens” have been held simultaneously every other year and are becoming more and more popular.

ーTwo main areas

There are two main areas in the exhibition hall, Interior World Home and Pure Atmosphere Fair.


The two main areas are Interior World Home and Pure Atmosphere, which are divided into two sections: Interior World Home, which mainly displays furniture for comfort, and Pure Atmosphere, which displays creatively designed furniture.


These two sections allow exhibitors to determine which category they belong to and visitors to easily find their way to their desired category on the show floor.

ー Features of IMM

The highlight of IMM is that all the world’s furniture manufacturers will be presenting their new products. The IMM is a great place to see new products from Germany, Italy, France, and other leading furniture manufacturers. 


The latest IMM has a new section that focuses on two themes: bathrooms and smart homes. New technologies are making functionality more convenient and technology is having a greater impact on design. With the advent of these two sections, the integration of technology and design in our lives is now more prominent and appealing to the general public.

In addition to a variety of business opportunities, it also offers an excellent program: events such as Das Haus and Pure Talens are a source of ideas for the industry. Events such as Das Haus and Pure Talens are a source of ideas for the industry, while the variety of presentations on site provide many opportunities for industry market perspectives, analysis, and ideas.

ー “Designer of the Year” Selection

Each year, a contest called “Das House” is held at the venue, and one “Designer of the Year” is selected each year. This award is given to one of the most successful people in the world furniture design industry.

Winning this Das Haus award is a great honor for any designer in the world, and the chance to become a world-famous designer through this award makes it an exhibition that designers should not miss.

ー Event Overview

  • 【Event】IMM Cologne 2022
  • 【Date】January 19, 2022 – January 23, 2022
  • 【Venue】Cologne International Trade Fair Center, Germany
  • 【Exhibitors】approx. 1300社
  • 【Visitors】approx. 150.000人
  • 【Period】Every Year
  • 【 Category 】

    Living room, Bedroom, Furniture, Modern design, Home, Interior design, Bedding, Home textile, Wooden furniture, etc.


ー We are a Professional Stand Builder

We can handle all aspects of your exhibit. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

  • Stand design
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  • Materials transportation
  • Interaction with local companies
  • Preparation of various documents
  • Trouble shooting during the exhibition

We also offer a hybrid stand that allows you to exhibit in real time at a local stand in Germany while you are in your home office.

(Stand setup, local personnel, monitors, cameras and other equipment are all included)

If you have any questions or concerns about applying to exhibit, exhibiting fees, or setting up a stand, please contact us from the contact page or direct message to info[at]tuskeurope.com

Article by Tusk Europe Team

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