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CES 2022

🕒 29/03/2021

CES is one of the most popular trade shows in the world, and is said to be the most difficult show in the world to exhibit at.

There is a long waiting list of companies from all over the world who wish to exhibit, so it is a difficult task to get on the list, and when it comes time to exhibit, the fees are high.

In addition, large booths, world-class companies, and companies that have participated in the show in previous years can easily reserve their space for the next show, and more than half of the total space is filled.

ー Large exhibition area

The CES venue is divided into three main areas, and each area has its own theme.

West: Innovative products in fitness, IoT, smart home, and high-growth technologies for living and working.

East: Automotive, electronics, audio, gaming, wireless devices, digital technology and innovation products

South: Marketing, advertising, promotion, entertainment, conference sessions and networking events

ー Huge of number of exhibitors and visitors

Of the approximately 4,500 exhibitors from 160 countries, approximately 1,600 are American companies, 1,000 are Chinese companies, 400 are Korean companies, and 300 are French companies.

South Korea has increased by more than 100 exhibitors from the 2019 CES, and Chinese companies, which numbered about 1,300 in 2019, have seen a decrease in exhibitors in 2020. 2020 visitors are expected to number about 180,000.

ー Highlights of CES

In recent years, CES has seen an increase in the number of automakers exhibiting (especially in the North Hall), as each booth and technology field has made remarkable strides. There is no doubt that this momentum will continue over the next few years.

ー Overview

【Event】Jan.05.2022 – Jan.08.2022

【Venue】Las Vegas Convention Center

【Exhibitors】approx. 4,500(2020)


【Period】Every year


Artificial Intelligence, Audio/High End/High Performance, Cloud Services, Computer Hardware, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Digital Health, Digital Imaging/Photography, Drones, Education, Fitness, Gaming, Lifestyle (Family, Beauty, Pets), Mobile Payments/ Digital Finance/E-Commerce, Public Policy/Government, Resilience, Robotics, Sensors and Biometrics, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Software and Apps, Sports Technology and e-Sports, Sustainability, Telecommunications, Travel and Tourism, Vehicle Technology, Video, Virtual Reality and augmented reality, wearables, wireless devices, wireless services, and other consumer technologies

【Website】 https://www.ces.tech/

ー Preparation for Exhibit

We can handle all aspects of your exhibit. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

  • Stand design
  • Stand set-up
  • Materials transportation
  • Interaction with local companies
  • Preparation of various documents
  • Trouble shooting during the exhibition

If you have any questions or concerns about applying to exhibit or setting up a stand, please contact us from the contact page or direct message to info[at]tuskeurope.com

Article by Tusk Europe Team

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