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 TUSK EUROPE GMBH is a German event company that offers a full range of services in the trade show market. We have been the market leader for many years and have successfully managed the exhibition business for our customers all over the world.

 As a stand construction company based in Europe, we provide exhibition stands that satisfy our customers by making full use of the high level of expertise and construction techniques we have cultivated over the years.

 We specialize in reflecting “stories” and “brand experiences” in stands. By infusing stories into our design ideas, we create concepts that have great appeal among the many stands at shows. Our team takes the time to review planning concepts and strategically design every detail in order to provide an attractive design that combines expertise and creativity.

 Our professional team has earned the trust of many of our customers by providing high quality and low cost services.

 In addition, our services are available throughout Europe. We have 2 main offices in Germany, a total of 7 local manufacturing units in five European countries, and local partner in Dubai and Japan, enabling us to provide services internationally.

What we aim

 Our mission is to create top-notch exhibition stands to further enhance your brand awareness and connect with your target.

 We have earned a reputation in Europe for our extensive experience and achievements in design and construction techniques. From concept planning to on-site construction, we work as your local partner to build stands that make a big impact on visitors.

 We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with both the quality and price of our services. We hope you take advantage of our services, which are the result of our expertise, wealth of experience, and high technology that we have developed over the years.

 We would like to be a long-term partner with our customers. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for our customers to achieve great results in every exhibition and to make their exhibition a success. We promise to make our utmost efforts as your partner.

 As one of top leading stand builders, we provide comprehensive support for our customers’ business activities by hearing to their potential needs and providing services that are always in tune with the times and the environment.




Tu.sk Europe GmbH


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Tu.sk Europe GmbH
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