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We are an event company that offers the best custom made stand construction throughout Europe. We have worked with some of the world’s leading companies and brands in their European expansion.

Our custom stands are characterized by their ability to “enhance branding” and to incorporate a “brand experience” for the visiting visitor. These two points will bring your exhibit closer to success. In addition, the structure is functional and produced to high manufacturing standards, resulting in high quality and cost savings.

Our planning and set-up professionals will take care of every detail of your stand. We hope you will enjoy the attractive space that attracts vi



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1. Experience & achievements

Over the years, we have helped many clients achieve success in the exhibition market. Our planning team, set-up carpenters, 3D designers, and material transportation team work together efficiently to carry out projects carefully and effectively.

Having built many exhibition stands in the past, we are familiar with the European market and exhibition hall regulations, and know how to build stands.

With this wealth of experience, we are confident that we will be your best partner in making your exhibit a success.


2.High Attractiveness

One of our themes is not only to provide high quality setups, but also to attract customers. To achieve this, Task Europe places importance on imagination and innovation.

The ability to turn attractive, new and imaginative ideas into reality, and the ability to connect seemingly unrelated phenomena to create solutions. Following these two processes is our creativity. Innovation is a new product or service that creates value, or a process that significantly improves it.

By realizing both “creativity” and “innovation” at the same time in our projects, we can set up an even more attractive exhibition stand.

3. Digital Fusion Stand

We will incorporate digital effects to enhance corporate branding, including experiential effects that resonate with the five senses using digital technologies such as AR and VR, and spatial effects using cutting-edge digital technologies.

In order to attract more people to your venue, you need a partner who can propose fresh and innovative ideas. As your partner with digital knowledge and a wide range of capabilities, we can create digital productions that will take your performance to the next level.

Our digital services are designed to take the technology that our clients have accumulated over the years to the next level.

Why our construction is so special

  1. Our creative planning team will provide you with attractive ideas.
  2.  We will set up a high-quality stand with carefully selected materials.
  3.  Our professionals will turn your concept into a reality.
  4. We can handle any size and shape, from small stands to large stands of over 300 square meters.
  5. We have worked with many leading companies, that is why we are trusted by clients.

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