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We provide pavilion stand setup services throughout Europe. Our pavilion stand construction is characterized by high quality construction that reflects the unique characteristics of each country.

In many cases, each country’s pavilion at the venue should reflect the lifestyle and culture of that country, and even when multiple exhibitors are assembled to form a single pavilion, the appearance of the pavilion will affect the overall impression. This is why we recognize that setting up a pavilion stand requires a cooperative relationship with co-exhibitors, and that we need to be aware of our role as a leader in the industry as a whole.



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1. Octa Construction

Octanorm is the most used system component in the world, and its compactness and durability make it suitable for pavilion stand construction.

By combining square, round, and various other shaped components, frames, and panels, it is possible to construct both small and large stands.

Octanorm can also be used to make exhibition stands, showcases, and wall displays.

2. Maxima Construction

MaximaLight is a construction method that is compatible with Octanorm, but because it has more parts than Octanorm, it is more suitable for large pavilions or when you want to create a stylish look.

MaximaLight is more suitable for product appeal and corporate branding with wall graphics than Octanorm because the aluminum frame on the wall is not noticeable on the stand structure.

3. Custom Construction

Pavilion construction can be done not only by using system components, but also by custom-made construction.

In the case of custom-made pavilions, it is not necessary to use specified parts or frames as in the case of system construction, so it is possible to create a variety of shapes and select materials to enhance the branding.

Another advantage of original construction is that not only the set-up but also the large banners, display stands, and other equipment can be produced originally to make the pavilion even more attractive.

Why our pavilion construction is so special

  1. By using high quality components that are constantly maintained, we can cut costs significantly.
  2. Our system components are made of reusable materials, which enables us to be environmentally friendly.
  3. Our setup is characterized by individualistic space production, such as straight and curved lines.
  4. By systematizing the flow of transportation, assembly, and disassembly, we are able to build faster than ever before.
  5. We have worked with many leading companies, which is why we are trusted by clients.

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